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29 Dec 2014
Take a close look at the next celebrity photo you see. The fashionistas, the stars, the big names. From Beyonce to Solange, nail art is news, and hot new nail designs are becoming an extension of a celeb's overall image. You might see anything from gleaming gold (Beyonce) to ten little portraits of her very own face (Lady Gaga) to tiger stripes (Rihanna) to multicolored rhinestones (Kid Sister). Prepare to be dazzled by paint, polish and pictures. Yes, you will still see the ever-popular French manicure. But look for the reverse French manicure too. If the celebrities make fashion statements all the way down to their fingertips, why shouldn't you? This is an adorable design that can be colorful and glitzy; perfect for a night out. Start by using masking a clear polish over the entire nail. With a glitter brush or your fingertips, apply glitter in any color you choose to only the tips of the nail (the part where the white would be in a French manicure). Allow the nail to completely dry (between 10 and 15 minutes) before applying a sealing polish on top to keep the glitter in place.  
Change your nails as often as you change your look with these wonderful designer wraps. You can wear a combination of nail art designs or you can wear a whole set the choice is yours. No need now to buy lots of different colours in nail polish just to give your nails that arty designer look. Just get yourself a set and in five minutes you can recreate that designer art look simply, cheaply and easily without any messy glue, foils, polish or pens. Join the revolution and that is really what these art wraps are, a whole new revolutionary product which will give you instant nail art in a fraction of the time. One of the most exciting aspects of the digital easy nail designs is that the customer has total control of which design she wants. The customer can bring in nearly any image. That image is scanned into the computer and printed by the nail technician. The customer's hands are placed inside a cradle designed specifically for the machine. The easy nail designs are printed directly on to the nails. Nowadays, we can find nail saloons easily since fake nail designs becomes popular. Nail polishes are still women' favorite, but we need something different. We do not only want our nails colored, but also enriched with cute motifs. This is what easy nail design is for. Start out with every member of the family with the same number of poker chips in a bowl. Whenever someone in the family is unkind, discourteous or exhibits a behavior you are trying to eliminate they lose a chip. This goes for everyone in the household, so if mom slips up and says a naughty word she can lose a chip too! Whoever has the most chips at the end of the week gets to choose a special activity for the whole family to participate in. Some people still wear gloves for formal events, rather than fancy polishes. You can always find the Queen of England wearing her fancy gloves! However, I'm sure she owns nail polish as well!


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