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05 Jan 2015
Love nail art, but hate sitting in the nail salon, surrounded by all those fumes? Are DIY nail designs more your style? If so, Kiss has the perfect products for you! New for spring 2011, Kiss has introduced the Nail Artist Fine Art Pens, Nail Artist Nail Paint & Stencil Kit, and Nail Art stickers. Keep your skin, body, hair and nails looking great by eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. Providing your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs is the most effective way to look your best. So, remember that beauty starts with healthy food choices while shopping for groceries. If you are using them to cut pre-tailored tips then you will find that they really help to remove the contact area. You may need to remove the side of the tip too but that typically only occurs in rare occasions. Hand-painted artwork is very simple to do. Most people find they can add flowers to fingernails with little difficulty. The background is best if it is a pale color with the petals on the flower being a much brighter color. During the fashion shows, we see that nail art is increasingly becoming more and more attractive. Nails may show your taste, character and degree of confidence. So, instead of changing your entire wardrobe, you may choose one of the trendy nail polish designs and create them. A small accent will also make you chic and modish! And experimental way to check your mood. The unique new product features a line of wildly colorful nail polishes which are designed to change colors based on your body temperature. Your friends, family and significant other will no longer need to guess your mood with In the Mood Nail Polish since the specially nail designs product is a whimsical way for you to show all your inner most moods. What is most fun about In the Mood Nail Polish is that the hues continue to change throughout the day based on the fluctuation of your body temperature. Place a strip of metallic tape on the sticker paper. Use punches or other means of cutting various shapes. Peel the shapes away from the sticker paper and affix them to your nails. The tiny shapes are best placed on nails which have been freshly painted and are still a little sticky. If you want you can use a clear coat over the top of the sticker to protect it. Nail art is for everyone who wants to look good and show off their creative talents on their nails. It is a great way to attract attention and also maintain your nails at the same time. Remember to wear gloves while gardening, apply cuticle oil for moisturizing your nails and of course apply your top coat often to maintain the look you have so painstakingly created.


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